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Review: Squeeze Eez Squishies, Bodero

Price: $1 AUD.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 11 cm at highest point.

Bodero is a clearance-style discount store. I know there’s stores in Victoria, Australia ( 442 more words

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Review: Foam Putty, Lincraft

Price: $2 AUD for 35 grams.

No online listing is available, as normal for Lincraft.

Lincraft has both floam and air-dry clay available in a wide range of bright colours for inexpensive prices, and I really like that this floam comes in a sturdy plastic easy-to-open tub. 267 more words

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Review: Play-Doh Starter Pack, K-Mart

Price: $6 AUD.

I’m not reviewing Play-Doh as such here, as most will be pretty familiar with the product: brightly-coloured, squishable, mouldable, has an unmistakable scent. 217 more words

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Review: Mango Squishy, eBay

Price: $3.41 USD *

Dimensions: 17 cm x 11 cm x 7 cm (approx).

This was another birthday present from a friend of mine, @ambiguouspieces… 283 more words

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Review: Duck Cake Squishy, eBay

Price: From $1.19 USD *

Dimensions: 5.5 x 6 x 2 cm

Another one of my birthday squishies is this cute little duck bun/cake. It has a flat back with texturing designed to mimic the rougher surface of a cake or bread, spray-painted orange with some white paint showing. 146 more words

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Review: Smooshos Unicorn Squishies

Price: $10 AUD on Cool Things Australia and $8.95 AUD on Toy Shop Online. The Tumblr posts links to Sister Sensory, but these squishies are no longer available there. 286 more words

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Review: Super Brain Putty (Crystal Clear), K-Mart

Price: $6 AUD (was $8 AUD at time of initial review).

Longer-time followers may remember my disgruntled review of another clear putty earlier this year, … 597 more words

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