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Managing Username Changes in Service Manager

From time to time people reach out to me to assist them with a name change due to marriage or other changes in circumstance and the affect that this has to System Center Service Manager (SCSM) and the Cireson portal. 1,074 more words


SCSM Script - Set MA to In Progress

Sometimes, for whatever reason, an MA never goes into “In Progress” in SCSM and may need a little help. Rather than using SMLETS or logging onto a SCSM machine, if you have the SCSM Console installed on your workstation, you can run it directly from there. 165 more words


SCSM PowerShell - Reassign All Work Items to Another User

This is another quickie. It find all work items assigned to one ad group/user, and then assigns to another.

$CurrentAssignedUser = "username1"
$NewAssignedUser = "username2"

import-module smlets
$DUClass = get-SCSMClass System.Domain.User$
$WIAssignedRelClass = Get-SCSMRelationshipClass System.WorkItemAssignedToUser$
$WIAssignedRelClassId = $WIAssignedRelClass.Id
$WIClass = Get-SCSMClass System.WorkItem$

#Get the currently Assigned User
$CurrentAssignedUserObject = Get-SCSMObject -Class $DUClass -Filter "Username -eq $CurrentAssignedUser"

#Get the User to Assign to
$NewAssignedUserObject = Get-SCSMObject -Class $DUClass -Filter "Username -eq $NewAssignedUser"

#Find all tickets assigned to the user
$WIRelObjectArray = @()
$WIRelObjectArray = Get-SCSMRelationshipObject -ByTarget $CurrentAssignedUserObject | ? 31 more words

SCSM PowerShell - Populate Blank Affected Users

This script will search for active SRs and IRs with no affected user. It will then take the assigned user and copy it to the affected user. 256 more words


Planning SCSM 2019 Migration or Upgrade.

When considering an
upgrade or migrate path from an older version of SCSM to 2016 or 2019, there
are only 3 options for migration\upgrade of SCSM and each have a different set… 1,304 more words


How to use the Cireson Asset Import Connector

The Cireson Asset Import Connector is one of the solutions contained within the Cireson Asset Management Stream of products and allows for Asset Administrators to take the guesswork out of importing external data into System Center Service Manager. 2,024 more words



Back in January 2016 Seth Coussens published a fantastic 3 part blog on how to dynamically show or hide properties on Work Item forms within the Cireson portal. 1,298 more words